Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Most Inappropriate Show on Earth

Before I went to Thailand, I had talked to a couple people who had visited there before and asked them what things they would recommend.  Well I quickly heard about the infamous Ping Pong Show.  So you may be thinking that the show is all about watching people smack a ball across a table with paddles, right?  WRONG!

Just a warning, it's about to get a little graphic here.

The Ping Pong Show involves naked/scantily-clad women, vaginas and an array of small objects.  My friend and I knew what we were getting ourselves into, but we had to see it with our own eyes.  After a Thai man came up to us on the street advertising the show (we were looking for one), we followed him upstairs to a dimly lit bar.  To be honest, the place was a bit sketchy, but there were other people there, including other foreigners, so we figured we were fine.  In the middle of the bar, there was a stage with about 6 women, some dressed in lingerie, some completely naked, some young, some old, some skinny, some not-as-skinny.  But no matter what they looked like, they all shared a special talent: the ability to shoot small objects out of their vaginas.

My friend and I ordered a beer, sat back and waited for the tricks to begin.  The first trick we saw was a lady shoot darts out of her vagina, which proceeded to hit a board with balloons and pop the balloons.  She popped about 4 balloons with darts shot from the lady-bit region.  One of the women came to the table where me and my friend were sitting and asked us to sign our names on a blank piece of paper.  We were skeptical at first and said no, but we were told everyone had to, so we wrote only our first names down.  A few minutes later, the same woman goes on stage and sticks a Sharpie marker inside her and squats and writes on a piece of paper; she then brought the paper back to us and it read "Kylee and Lauren, nice to meet you".  She wrote that with her vagina! I'd say that's talent!    

The grand finale was what we came to see: the ping pong show.  My friend and I were handed ping pong paddles and a lady shot ping pong balls at us and we had to defend ourselves with the paddles.  Picture this: you sit in a booth while a women sticks ping-pong balls into her vagina and then shoots them at you while you hit them back with a paddle...that was me and my friend.

After we saw what we came to see, we bolted out of that bar.  We only stayed about 25 minutes, but that was more than enough time.  I would never go see a Ping Pong Show again, but I am glad I went because I know if I hadn't of gone, I would've regretted it.  It was definitely interesting!  It really gave me new-found insight into what the vagina can do.  It was quite impressive actually, and it left me wondering just what kind of training those women go through to learn this trade.  So if you ever find yourself in Thailand, I would recommend the Ping Pong Show, but I think a one-time viewing is enough.  If you want more information on the show or you don't believe me, I'm sure you can Google it and maybe even find YouTube videos.  And if you found this article appalling, you can't say I didn't warn you.  

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