Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Korean Heating

Today is the first day since being in South Korea (still can't believe I'm really here!) that I have had to turn on the heat in my apartment.  I guess you could say winter is quickly approaching.  So you might be wondering why I'm writing a blog post about the heat, right?  Well, it just so happens that the Korean heating system comes through the floor.  It was the strangest feeling tonight when I walked on the floor and there was instant warmth on my feet!  Guess what that means???  No stepping on cold hardwood floors this winter!  I think maybe the U.S. should take a hint from Korea on how to do heating the right way...

(Don't worry, my floor is clean because you're not allowed to wear shoes inside the apartment.  All shoes must be left at the door.)

Up until now, I've not been able to say anything that I will truly miss about Korea when I decide to leave, but this heated floors phenomenon just broke that trend because this is definitely something I will be begging for once I'm back stateside!

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