Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Favorite Koreans!

So in past articles I've always talked about the things I've done and seen since being in Korea, but you might wonder WHO I do these things with.  This subject will be split into two parts: Korean friends and Foreign friends.  But, this particular article is dedicated to all my Korean friends who I'm so lucky to have in my life.  Each one of these people has made my time in Korea extremely interesting, educational and entertaining.  I only hope that one day I will have the opportunity to show them my home country since they have taught me so much about theirs.

Jae Hee Kim

Jae Hee became my co-teacher last May when my previous co-teacher decided to leave my school.  Before being hired as my co-teacher, Jae Hee was living and working in Australia in order to improve her English ability (which is really good I might add).  Since Jae Hee is my co-teacher, we see each other everyday and teach together in the classroom.  Jae Hee and I have bonded really quickly and I definitely see her as more of friend than co-worker.  Next year, Jae Hee is planning on moving to the U.S. to obtain her master's degree in social work.  I've been helping her master American slang to get her prepared.  I like to joke around with her and tell her she needs to find an American husband to give her that green card.  Besides working with me, Jae Hee enjoys being an active member of her church, likes online shopping and traveling.  I'll be forever grateful for all that she helps me out with on a daily basis.

Lucy Lee

Lucy and I met because she was my friend's co-teacher.  Since meeting, Lucy and I have become good friends and we meet up at least once a week for Korean lessons.  Thanks to Lucy my Korean has gradually gotten better, and because of her, I know many Korean bad words which come in handy haha.  Lucy is the queen of high-end designer brands (Chanel, Prada, Louis Vouitton, etc.) and no text from her is complete without an emoticon.  One of Lucy's life goals is to make sure I find a Korean husband.  She is also an excellent candle/homemade crafts guru.  Next year Lucy plans on traveling to New York because she has never been to the U.S. (or any western country) before.

Mandy (left) and Lucy (right)...they're a mischievous duo

Me, Lucy, and Mandy

Mandy Kim

Mandy is my across-the-street neighbor, but I actually met her because she is Lucy's best friend.  Up until recently, Mandy was working as a teacher in a private English academy, but now she is studying to become a public administrator.  Mandy is extremely funny and I especially like that she understands my addiction to The Walking Dead because she is a fan of the show too.  Mandy is also planning to travel to New York next year with Lucy.

Young Hee Shin

Young Hee is a fairly new friend/co-worker.  She started working as a science teacher at my school last August.  Young Hee and I bonded because she also knows what it's like to live in a foreign country because she spent the last year in Paraguay where she worked for a program similar to the Peace Corps.  While in Paraguay, Young Hee became fluent in Spanish.  Young Hee and I's relationship is very unique because we sometimes mix up to three languages together to communicate.  At any given moment, we will be speaking English, Spanish or Korean.

Young Hee and I

Jenny Kim

Jenny is another one of my co-workers.  She works in my school's English center as the secretary.  Jenny is very fashionable and is young at heart.  Jenny can also outdrink most other Korean women I know, so props to her!  I'm fairly close with Jenny's kids as well.  Her son is one of my 5th grade students, and her daughter is a middle school student who often visits our English center after school.  

Me, Jenny, Jae Hee and my mom at the East Sea in July

My Landlords

I can't forget to mention my sweet, sweet landlords.  They are a middle-aged couple who have been nothing but welcoming ever since I moved into my apartment.  They both always have a smile on their face and always make sure I'm doing ok.

 Every once in awhile they invite the foreign tenants over for dinner or leave small gifts outside our doors for the holidays.  I seriously couldn't have asked for better landlords; they're simply the best!  

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